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About us

Customised Electrical Services is owned and operated by fully licensed electrician Charlie Alam.


We have been in business for two decades so have the experience you want when you need professional electrical work at home or work.


We pride ourselves on our practical solutions and you can be confident all our work adheres to all safety requirements. As a member of the NECA, we keep up-to-date with product recalls or information that helps make the industry safer, which ensures quality workmanship at all times.


Whether it be commercial or domestic services you need, we can help.


We offer 'customised' service because we understand each job and place we are called to are different and need an individual approach.


Our professionalism ensures we complete all work in a timely and so cost effective manner.

We specialise in commercial fitouts and maintenance, including ofiices, factory units and warehouses.


We also help maintain residential duplexes and units and have the experience to work with strata managers, commercial property managers and home owners. For more about our services click here.


To find out how we can help with your electrical needs phone 0403 248 264.

Alternatively you could send through an email by clicking on this link and we'll get back to you shortly.



"I can't thank you enough for the service and time you have provided to us, especially during the busy Christmas period. With an affordable quote, great and friendly service and quality workmanship, we couldn't be happier! "


Many thanks, Joanna.

Cecil Hills